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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer So well that the product or service fits in and sells itself!

We do not believe in fine prints or walk outs! So if we join you it becomes our responsibility to see you succeed. As we believe in victories achieved as a team and not individual trophies.


Few words about us


The basic plan is bundled with a monthly charge for Rs. 45,307/- ($700) per month, which translates with IT technical support to soothe creases if any existing in your IT & Marketing infrastructure. This plan also includes 100 emails/month deal while including marketing strategies and calendar which will be built by us. The execution of these plans will solely rely on the client.
This package is most suitable with companies/organizations with a great IT team and infrastructure already in place. In this package which has two options for payments. 1. Pay as per percentage. 2. Pay a steady amount. This package can be selected purely as per the discretion of the client where they can decide what a lead means to them and we will do all we can to generate them, including but not limited to SEO, SEM & even social media marketing.
This is a plan for the startups or organizations who are looking for partnerships. This plan is very simple, Black Spider will become a partner and take the pains of Technical & SMarketing for the client. Whatever % the partnership amounts to can be shared and discussed with the executives as and when required.


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