How a simple chat with the CEO lead me to become the leader today. Contd…

How a simple chat with the CEO, lead me from being an employee to a Leader!
June 13, 2017

How a simple chat with the CEO lead me to become the leader today. Contd…

So as I have explained in my earlier article,(The link to the article is: my problem was not lethargy, incompetence or lack of skill, it was simply the absence of knowledge of how my efforts were helping the company to surge ahead of the competition.

Most employees happily work their 9-5 jobs for years together without ever being troubled due to their lack of interests in the company’s well being and hence company’s existence or competition makes no sense for these kinds of employees. These are the same employees that you see generally whiling away their time in certain company’s’ for years together without worry or care that they may have been in the same position without any increment for years together. They are mostly concerned with their monthly salary and treats that the company might release on certain important occasions. They neither remember the date nor do they try to complete their work before the end of the day they try their best to do as little as possible in a day or pass it on to others or in worst case scenario pass it on to the next day.

These are the type of employees who should be marked and removed at the earliest as they usually tend to just waste company resources while also discouraging the employees who seem to want to finish their work before day end and achieve something each day. HR should attempt to run regular campaigns to check the motivation indexes of employees and their level of understanding of the company yearly objectives and the status each day/month/quarter.

Such initiatives by the HR would also promote the Managers to get actively involved in regular and timely training of the employees to help them get a clearer picture of the company objectives and achievements. This would also help the employees as they now would get more motivated to help the organization achieve more by getting ahead of the curve and proactively getting involved to achieve better results. Once an organization is able to achieve this subtle but important step, employees from such organizations will never work to complete their daily hours but such empowered employees would gain the confidence to take charge and act like leaders to help boost the organizations efforts.

These motivated leaders would act as individual entrepreneurs and once under a strong leader could come together to form an unique and one of a kind conglomerate which is destined to succeed. Such an organization would be like having some of the brilliant entrepreneurs & Market leaders like Steve jobs, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and many such brilliant experts all under one roof. Can you even imagine the kind of revolution these guys could bring if they came together for a common cause. Our employees are no different, the only problem is that they are not motivated enough to take charge to get ahead of the competition and aim to achieve a simple goal. After all we have to remember the great quote by Thomas Carlyle, “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

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