How a simple chat with the CEO, lead me from being an employee to a Leader!

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June 10, 2017
How a simple chat with the CEO lead me to become the leader today. Contd…
June 21, 2017

There was a time in my job when I had lost complete interest in life and had no clue as to what I am doing and heading where. It was at this cross roads of my life when a HR who was the reason for my selection in the organization helped me gain the view back and empowered me with a holistic view of my life (literally) to turn me from a regular working employee to become a Leader in my department that is every employee’s dream.

She had one day found me very silent and quiet, she then approached me and asked the reason for my demeanor. On receiving no answer from me, She excused me from my boss and walked me to a room and asked me to open myself. The first thing that came to my mind was (maybe they are going to fire me!), honestly who would not think this in the situation I was in. So I spoke like there was no stopping me, I told her how my life had lost its meaning and how I now had no clue of the benefit that I was bringing to the organization. I even went ahead to suggest that I would understand if she would give me some time to find a better job or just step down but she just laughed at my suggestion and excused herself for a few minutes. Believe me I was sure I was about to be fired! I was left alone in a room in a state of complete confusion but she returned with a smile and quietly led me to our conference room where our CEO was seated.

He seemed to be smiling and asked me the reason for my confusion. I was straight now having lost all energy in over thinking and just said that while working I had lost all view of how the leads that I was generating through my various campaigns & methods were being used was never clear to me and how I was not sure of the value I was bringing for the organization. I also told him how I felt that I was unnecessarily taxing the company by being on board as I felt that I was unable to add any considerable value to the organization. He laughed like I had never heard him laugh and asked me to calm down. He then went ahead to call all the sales guys & HR Head to the room and have them present their sales funnels and the status there & then.

He then went ahead to tell the HR Head of the problem with me was not my conduct or work atmosphere but lack of visibility on how my contributions were enabling the organization. He then praised me for my honesty and capabilities while still mocking me for offering to leave the organization. He then went ahead to show me on how my inputs and leads had been converted & the value they added to the organization. He also glorified my attempts to reach out on the various platforms to speak on behalf of the organization as a step to help gain reputation and enable the organization as a Brand and how I had done so much though it was not a part of my job profile which had led to our organization being considered as a thought leader. That day, I realized that this humbling experience was the result that would help me take the lead and convert me from the companies humble employee to a Leader who took charge & would accomplish tasks because I felt it would benefit the organization. This was only possible because I was part of a team which was being lead by a Leader who He understood my plight and took clue from my ignorance to enable me and guide me to understand the part which is missing in most organization i.e. complete clarity on how an employee’s contributions are helping the organization.

Most organizations or managers shy away from displaying their pleasure or praises when an employee performs due to a simple fear of having to pay the employee more during the appraisal cycle but missing such simple acts could also lead to a lack of enthusiasm in the outlook of the employee due to his/her inability to understand the value they bring to the organization and due to which the employee feels that he/she is replaceable & hence starts to look outside the organization for better opportunities. So if you want to cultivate Leaders you have to look at solutions which can give your employees a clear picture of the organizations outlook and their achievements need to be properly recognized if not backed by monetary benefit then fine but still you could praise the employee for their work during a meeting or send a simple organization wide mailer with the details on the employee’s work which can help to convert a simple employee who tends to work a 9-5 job to a Leader who would take charge and get his job done irrespective of the time and would strive for the benefit of the organization.

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