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June 3, 2017
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June 13, 2017

This has been the most common question that almost all entrepreneurs have as they struggle during the early days of their career where the overhead costs of marketing seems more like a burden then a boon. But what to do as this spending is quintessential to growth, while it may be highly impossible to do with a novice or improper team balance with a balanced team and the right strategy this is very much achievable with results turnaround from two weeks to 3 months.

Although, there are no definite steps or paths to follow to achieve this one could try to enable their teams in the following way,

Creating a definitive strategy for your brand and business

Understanding where you stand and where you intend to reach is very important in the line to move ahead and beat the competition. This is also the point where most business decision makers make the biggest mistakes by either keying in too high or too low then their current position. Decision makers must be able to make an accurate judgement on how effective their campaigns are and how it is performing with your prospective clients. Some of the key aspects to consider in this could be the total spend on the campaign against the received interests or leads and their average value which any sales manager would be able to provide. During this phase the decision makers must also sit together and create a rough Buyer Persona which would help the marketing team to take ownership and create a sound marketing plan to reach your exact target customer.

Business owners will have to take the lead at this point and decide where they want their business to be and how they intend to reach there, this in turn would help all the managers set their individual targets and get there. The decision makers should ideally make this discussion a group meeting to entertain and invite suggestions which would also open the forum to suggestions on how they could achieve these goals as a unit rather than individuals.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is pivotal to the whole process whichever way you may look at it. Content Marketing strategy would help all the stake holders to find new ways in which they could re-purpose the content and keep up with the strategy without falling out at any given instant.

Also keep in mind during the strategy the goals that you intend to achieve, it may be economical or just plain knowledge or even core branding. These goals will help you strategize and create a plan in order to achieve the goal. Now present this goal to as many people as possible, the more people hear this plan the more areas you will find to improve and in case your goals & plans are not in line then you will be able to know that too in the very nascent stage which will help you correct it and even make additions where needed.

Aligning your Marketing Strategy with your IT Strategy

This is the most pivotal and important aspect as it involves bringing to the same platform your IT & Marketing teams. Your largest expenses are usually your IT implementations which in most cases define and assist your Corporate Strategy. Your marketing strategy if is not aligned with your IT strategy could create chaos and an uncertainty in the eyes of your customers which could practically devalue your brand or worst cause an unnecessary toppling of favors for your competitors. Imagine if you were a brand who has strategized and taken an effort to offer automation solutions to their customers starts marketing some other part or some other solutions or their positioning is still the age old solutions or they as a team still continue to manually update their social platforms then the impression they give to the customers is that they might have the solutions but they aren’t the best at it.

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