Should I outsource Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation?

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May 27, 2017
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June 10, 2017

Most companies love to keep their work internal by hiring new employees in specialized roles, such as marketing, Lead generation and Pre Sales rather than finding an agency or partner who could do these tasks on a regular basis. This approach has often backfired in more than one way especially for the new Entrepreneurs who have started not long back and also for the small & mid-sized organizations who do not carry deep pockets like the market leaders who they intend to compete with. These specialized roles are tricky and often need lots of experience and maturity to deliver consistently at low rates too. Entrepreneurs and decision makers have been known to often complain that their poor decisions of selecting the right candidate has caused them heavy losses in their business. Imagine you hire a candidate with oodles of experience, bring them on board, train them for ‘X’ amount of time and they leave within a year. Can you expect to keep up with this on a regular basis with or without picking people for these specialized roles?

One of the ways to overcome this hurdle is outsourcing these roles or activities to third party agencies that have these skills after careful evaluation, of course. Now a third party agency or company can take these activities on the fly with little or no training too as this is what is their core area of expertise and they have hired the best & brightest to deliver the expected outcomes based on targets. The biggest advantage that these agencies can bring if they handle 360° marketing where there is just one agency or company accessing and supporting the organization with their entire marketing & sales activities. In this way the company can keep up with the increasing demand for marketing activities by still keeping abreast with the latest technology demands and ever changing rules of the game.

While the external agency keeps your platforms fresh with the latest updates you can rest back and concentrate on the activities that need your utmost attention i.e. your business while still keeping a regular tap on the deliverables of the agency. The biggest advantage of this endeavor is that your business gets the time it deserves from you while the most important activities of marketing and lead generation are being handled by professionals who know & give importance to your growth for their growth through properly set and discussed milestones or targets.

The trick to this game is to find like minded agencies that are looking at your business with equal zeal and zest. If you can find this agency that can agree and deliver on a 360°marketing plan then we can all say that you can grow ahead of even your best competitor in no time but these agencies normally tend to charge higher than their counterparts that is due to the extensive experience, work culture and dedication they tend to bring to the table. These agencies though less in number hire the best from the industry and generally tend to be a little more technically driven owing to the growth in digital media becoming more tech savvy and a lot more about analytics. Oh yes! Most 360° marketing agencies I know tend to keep a very strict eye out on the numbers which help them share the reports with their clients which in turn helps them justify the ROI of their solutions.

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