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May 20, 2017
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June 3, 2017

Marketing is no longer about spreading goodwill and messaging to all anymore, this old thought and landscape changed overnight since the big bang of the internet a long time back. It has empowered the customers with increased awareness and ability to reach existing customers to understand the true advantages of your product/services.

So NO! You can’t ignore your customers anymore. In fact your customers are now your best platform for Marketing and gaining new customers. Your happy customers are turning into your no 1 sales person for they not only get you your customers, they are also busy helping you to improve your reputation while not costing you even a penny! No wonder the top brands have shifted and saved themselves from getting a rude shock by investing more in retaining their existing happy customers.

A Marketing Manager is no longer entitled to just do Marketing, he is now expected to become an account Manager to understand, adhere & deliver as per customer expectations while decisively guiding the sales team with new pitches and leads day-in & day-out. So while many may still stay that a Marketing Manager needs to sit tight and gauge the market pulse. They are in for a rude shock for a Marketing Manager who stays in his air conditioned office may be the first to be thrown out because of low productivity and even worst bad sales goof-up!

Now a Marketing Manager is a destiny & position for the workaholics who enjoy being in the hot seat while actively being involved in research and still learning new tricks every day. Now a Marketing Manager is the guy who is specifically expected to be having all the answers that the top management might want to know about the market pulse or the products in demand. A correct Marketing Manager is the visionary blade of the company who needs to be on top of his game each and every time.

So now while many may still say marketing is dying because of the increasing noise and chaos, they have failed to realize the silent rise of marketing as a phoenix that rose from its ashes in a new and powerful form. Now marketing encompasses some very interesting fields of Psychology, Account Management, and Research & Analytics with Reputation Management not far behind. Now Marketing Managers can no longer do a 9-9 job and be happy about it. They have to be plugged in and active for the whole 24 hours 365 days a year to be able to sustain and deliver on their promises.

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